Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I got so caught up with everything that is going on at work, forgot it was Thanksgiving today!! We (Tika and I) hosted a HUGE feast on Tuesday where we cooked 7 turkeys in hot, was it good!! If you have never cooked a turkey in hot oil before, give it a try...WAY better than an oven baked Turkey!!

Any way, I have many things in life to be thankful beautiful and loving family, and the opportunities I have to live such a full keeps getting better and better, and I am thankful. I want to also send my thanks your way if you read this blog....thanks so much for all your nice comments!! Have a great day in your neck of the world whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not!!




Gaelyn said...

Never tried turkey cooked that way but then it's not my favorite fowl. I grew up eating duck for the holidays, no dry meat there.
Have a wonderful day for Thanksgiving!

Picture Imperfect said...

I have had deep-fried turkey before and it cannot be beat. love it!

Happy Thanksgiving - I'm glad that you have so many things to be thankful for. :o)

Paz said...

Happy Thanksgiving!