Saturday, March 24, 2007

House Update

I hadn't visited the house in over a week, and was surprised to see how much progress was made. The pool is starting to take shape (top photo). The big square hole is for the foundation of the Balinese gazebo that will be built with stairs leading into the pool. There is a problem though....notice all the water? That water is coming from the ground. The engineer assures me that once they pump the water out, and put down concrete and seal it, the water will not be a problem. I am not completely convinced, but will see....I guess I need to have some trust as he knows a lot more than I do.

The other photo shows the support beams are being installed. I bet you don't see bamboo used in the states like you see here....aha haa...Indonesia. We have a large Rambutan tree in the back that has a truck load of fruit. The guys picked a bunch for us, and we now have a huge bag of fruit to take home.

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