Thursday, June 22, 2006

5 Page Spread

The newest edition of Jakarta Java Kini magazine is out. There is a 5-page spread on my photos and the book Letters From Aceh. Pretty cool.

In other news, I am meeting a bunch of friends tonight to watch USA try to beat Ghana. It is there last chance to stay in the World Cup. GO USA!!!

I finish my summer school class tomorrow. Next week, I will be covering as the Director of Summer School while Butch is out of town. I will pick up some extra cash which is never a bad thing.

Tika and I have decided on Koh Samui for our brief one-week vacation. It is one of our favorite spots, and I look forward to lounging on the beach, reading books, and good Thai food. Of course, I will take plenty of photos, and keep the blog updated.

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